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Key Capabilities, Strengths And Way Of Working

  • FrenchMaids.nl, is specialised in supplying high quality fashion costumes, with our own original distinguished designs and styles, since 2006.
    Our exclusive designs, are very desirable, attractive and beautifully made.
    Our costumes are a world apart from the low grade and copied styles, that frequently originate from the far east / China.

  • We emphasize our highest quality standards. We utilize quality fabrics and all garments are individually hand produced, in the Netherlands.

  • Technical styling, pattern composition, shaping and fitting are our characteristic strengths.
    Sensational designs, are combined with our ability to ensure a good qualitative fit.

  • We principally offer:
    1: French Maids - Ready to Wear Collection with different genres - available with customisation options.
    2: French Maids - Custom Personal Designs - individual client specific designs and made to measure services.

  • We also provide Five Star "Made to Measure Tailoring" services, available for any costume design.

  • Our outlook is balanced to supply excellent value items, while representing our high work standards.
    We work hard to produce beautiful garments, at fair prices, not with a view for minimal cost.

  • We aim to supply high quality luxury garments, for realistic intrinsic values.

  • We have a design and production team that are predominantly involved with upper segment personal fashion designs, Prêt–à–Porter and Couture.
    They create luxury and stunning designs of top quality.

  • FrenchMaids.nl is since 2006 part of MBG Fashions.
    Our mainstream activities are concerned with very high class / upmarket fashion, Made to Measure, Prêt–à–Porter / Ready to Wear and Couture; an activity which we have undertaken since 1982.