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Lockable French Maid Costume / Uniform Options    Art.: PL 10

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French Maids With Locks On Her Dress:

Our various French maid outfits and costumes, can also be supplied with various locking options.

This is achieved through the use of small and elegant designed padlocks.

These locks obviously make feasible, all sorts of sexy games and pleasurable times.


For example, the French Maids Uniforms, can be customized with specific fastening loops.

These loops can be made in matching colours, of the garment.

They make it possible to simply fit various small padlocks, to the costumes.


In most case's, we have used small padlocks, of the travel type design.

These are elegant and of very high quality. They are available in a range of colours, to match your garment.

They have the additional advantage that no keys are required.

The locks operate with a 3 digit personal code, that can be chosen and set by the user.


A wide range of various possibilities exist.

For example, locks can be fitted in such a way, that they cannot be undone by the wearer of the costume.

Alternatively, the fastening loops, can be made in a way to permit the wearer to remove the locks.

To date, we have made all sorts of various locking options on our costumes; neck locks, zip locks, waistband locks, bow locks, etc.

These are made to individual customer requests and supplied as specific personal designs.

If you wish to have a custom made French Maid with locks on her dress, just send us a photo of the design you require, using the email link below.



You need only just advise us of your specific requirements, either with your order, by using the order form text box, located under every costume, or just send us an email.


The extra price of these locks options, is dependent on the additional complexity to the costume.

As a guideline, prices start at Euro 50. A wide range of lock colours are available, on request.

The photos above, show the padlock options in use on a French Maid costume.


If you have any questions, require assistance or guidance, we are pleased to offer our advice and support: